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Press Release

A Non-native (Guillaume Carle) Was Kicked Out Of
Kanesatake Mohawk Community By The Kanesatake Mohawk
Women's Coalition

Guillaume Carle, a non-native person and his small group of followers were kicked out of Kanesatake Mohawk Community today by the Mohawk Women of Kanesatake.

Guillaume Carle, who is the leader of a phony organization called the Confederation of Aboriginal People of Canada was in the Mohawk Community of Kanesatake and tried to hold a recruitment drive for its illegal aboriginal group.

The first gathering took place at the Oka United Church Hall which is located in the village of Oka, but the gathering was quickly cancelled when a small group of Mohawk Women from Kanesatake confronted this phony group and told them to get out of Kanesatake. Then Guillaume Carle's group decided to hold their meeting again at the Restaurant Grecco which is located at the corner of St-Michel and Annonciation street in the village of Oka. Once again the Mohawk Women were there to raise questions about Mr. Carle's meeting at which time the owner told Guillaume Carle and his group to leave the restaurant. Then Mr. Carle's group tried to hold the gathering at the grounds of Ecole des Pins but again more members from the Mohawk Community of Kanesatake were present to tell Guillaume Carle and his group to leave.

The purpose tor Guillaume Carle of being in Kanesatake today was to falsely portray that he had the support of the Mohawk People and The Mohawk Warriors for his upcoming demonstration against the state (Canada) and Quebec to be held from June 21st to July 2nd, 2007 in Gatincau, Quebec.

"Guillaume Carle and members of the Confederation of Aboriginal People of Canada, is a group comprising of non-natives and they are trying to use us for their own personal agenda and we will not stand for it" stated Sonia Gagnier, a member of the Kanesatake Mohawk Women's Coalition. "We are sick and tired of our name being used by people such as Guillaume Carle” concluded Ms. Gagnier.

"The Mohawk Community will not support the charade of Guillaume Carle and Phil Fontaine" added Sheila Bonspile, also a member of the Kanesatake Mohawk Women's Coalition.

The Sureté du Quebec (S.Q.) were dispatched to the village of Oka to help escort Guillaume Carle and his small group of followers off the Mohawk Territory.

The Mohawk People of Kanesatake will continue to support all First Nations Peoples across Canada, in their struggle against cuts to Education, Health, Economic Development, Land Claims and any other Treaty and Aboriginal Rights that the Federal and Provincial Governments refuses to honour and respect.

For more information contact : Sheila Bonspile, Sonia Gagnier and Pearl Bonspille of the Kanesatake Mohawk Women’s Coalition at : (450) 479-1998 and/or (450) 479-1156


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