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Communiqué de la Kahnawake Warrior Society
Akwesasne - Ganienkeh - Kahnawake - Kanehsatake - Kanatsiohareke - Ohaweken - Tyendinega – Wahta


Kanien'keha:ka - Onenio'teha:ka - Onontakeha:ka - Kaion'keha:ka - Tionontowane'a:ka - Tehatiskaro:ros

For Immediate Release
Mohawk Nation at Kahnawake - March 11, 2006

It has come to the attention of the Mohawk Warrior Society at Kahnawake that a group of people have barricaded Highway 117, north of Ottawa. This group is being led by Guillaume Carle, chief of the recently formed Confederation of Aboriginal People of Canada.

Concerns bave been forwarded to our society that this group is claiming to have the support of the "warrior society". The Mobawk Warrior Society at Kahnawake would like to clarify that it has not leant support to Guillaume Carle or the Confederation of Aboriginal People of Canada, nor do we support the blockade of Highway 117 at this time. We must stress that none our warriors are present at their blockade.

For further information, please contact the Mohawk Nation Office (Kahnawake Branch) at 450.632.7639.

In peace,


Acting Secretary
Rotisken'rakehte – Mohawk Warrior Society
Kahnawake Branch of the Mohawk Nation
Six Nation Iroquois Confederacy

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